I’ve been a facilitator for the Pachamama Alliance for several years (  If you haven’t attended one of ouir Symposiums, do so.
When I first did over 2 years ago, my consciousness was truly raised.  It used to be an all day event – took 6-7 hours.  And it has evolved and will continue to evolve — so that its punch is as powerful and its time is lessened.  The one I led yesterday was only 3 hours.  It will continue to evolve.

Each time I lead I get it again and again.  Am I doing enough to green our world?  My commitment is that we presence a sustainable environment, spiritual fulfillment and social justice for all of us.  And I continually question myself:  Am I doing what I can?

And I realized that I’m not speaking out enough.  This is silly, because I speak out.  I have maybe 6 blogs and I write in all of them.  But this one is focused.  I will speak of what we can do; what I do, what I don’t do.  I’ll likely point to videos and websites – I don’t quite know.  I just know that  we are all there is.

If we are only you and me, then you and me are all there is.  We need to spread our arms, because we will get it done.  We’ll be dead before we  know if we succeeded or failed.  There will be evidence both ways – best of times/worst of times.   

So we can choose to do this because it gives us a life worth living.  And it’s not life and death for you and me.  It’s life and death for all of us.  And there will never be credit or blame, there will just be life worth living.  Because our job is to live in harmony with our planet and twith he rest of us.  No one else can do it.  We are the only species capable of doing it.

Life has changed.  Up until less than 100 years ago we all shared from the same pie and we could only get a big enough piece if they got a smaller piece.  But now we can all get our own pie and we have to figure out how to learn how to consume it well.

I saw this wonderful videp by Werner Erhard.  What makes it wonderful is that it was recorded over 30 years ago.  And it says what I’m up to and, I promise, you too.

Yours to a wonderful world.


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